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Cast List

Cornel West
Cornel West

Edward Brooke

Sonny Perdue

Tom Delay

Dick Cheney
Tavis Smiley

Ken Mehlman

Catherine Davis

Jim Gilmore

George W. Bush
Lynn Swann

Mike Huckabee

Mitt Romney

Frances Rice

Barack Obama
Newt Gingrich

Michelle Malkin

Peter King

John McCain

Grover Norquist
Michael Steele

Ann Coulter

Maxine Waters

Christine Todd Whitman
Russell Simmons


Director/Producer/Editor/Cinematographer: Kevin Williams, Filmmaker - After years of narrative filmmaking, Kevin is directing his first documentary feature film. After attending New York University’s Intensive Film Program, he worked in a variety of production roles on films such as A BEAUTIFUL MIND, SIGNS, HACK, SURRENDER DOROTHY, LIKE MIKE, I.Q., and JERSEY GIRL. Kevin’s narrative short, ON BENDED KNEE, screened at Clermont-Ferrand and other film festivals. In addition, Kevin served as the Founding Director/Artistic Director of the Trenton Film Festival (2004-2007) in his hometown of Trenton, NJ. He is a member of Independent Feature Project, International Documentary Association and Downtown Community Television and served as the Projectionist for the Newark Black Film Festival Screening Series at the New Jersey State Museum. He also teaches Documentary and Narrative Filmmaking at Mercer County Community College in Mercer, New Jersey.


Kevin has been interviewed or profiled on many TV news shows, radio talk shows, on-line blogs, and in newspapers and magazines including newspapers such as the Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Kansas City Star; TV Shows such as Current TV’s THE WAR ROOM WITH JENNIFER GRANHOLM, Christian Broadcasting Network’s THE BRODY FILES, HUFFINGTON POST LIVE, and Al Jazeera’s INSIDE STORY; and radio programs ranging from National Public Radio’s CENTRAL STANDARD, VOICE OF RUSSIA - AMERICAN EDITION, the MARK DAVIS RADIO SHOW, the BOB GRANT SHOW, VICTORIA TAFT SHOW, to the MICHAEL ERIC DYSON SHOW and many others. He is also a Contributing Writer for Big Hollywood and Politisite. Kevin currently resides in Trenton, NJ and is finishing up post-production on Shamrock Stine Productions' latest film called REBEL SONG, which looks at a middle-aged American Celtic Rock band and music inspired by the Irish Republican Army (IRA).


Producer/Camera: Tamara Williams - Tamara made her first foray into documentary filmmaking with FEAR OF A BLACK REPUBLICAN. While producing this film, Tamara also handled pre-production on another documentary feature called REBEL SONG on the Celtic Rock band, NA BODACH. Previously, she has served in a number of roles on independent creative endeavors and as Volunteer Coordinator of the Trenton Film Festival (2004-2007).


Cinematographer/Assistant Editor: Jeff Metzner - Jeff has worked for projects on African hunger, religious strife and urban issues. Jeff’s film credits include the documentary Visions of Hope for which he edited and shot on location across Africa. Jeff is also an experienced documentary photographer and has exhibited his work at Perkins Center For The Arts and the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. He continues to work in all Media forms and travel wherever his work (and heart) takes him.


Gaffer: Sam Wells - Sam was an outstanding filmmaker and worked in film in many capacities for almost three decades. Sam’s own creative focus was in Experimental film. His major works include THE TALKING RAIN (1990) and the Independent feature, WIRED ANGEL (2000). Sam, a Guggenheim Fellow, traveled to Vietnam in 2004 for his film & digital media project, FRAGRANCE OF GHOSTS. He was an important influence on many other filmmakers around the world and was a great friend to all of us. Unfortunately, Sam passed away just before we finished editing but he did get to see the very last cut of the film. We are very glad for that and we will miss him greatly.


Camera: Jamaal Green - Jamaal is a native of Brooklyn, NYC. Having attended SUNY-Purchase, he has worked in a variety of production roles. An astute guerilla filmmaker, he is currently developing his first feature-length script and is working on several music videos and two short films. A talented young filmmaker, Jamaal expects to direct his own features in the coming years.


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