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Great flick from Trenton, NJ film director Kevin Williams. Thoughtful and insightful approach to GOP's apprehension of party loyal blacks.
Posted By: Keeva Kase
Trenton NJ
DePaul University's Black Student Union (BSU) showed "Fear of a Black Republican" for our Beat the Ballot Week during the election process and it was great. I think the film was very relevant to the theme of our Beat the Ballot Week as it portrayed the life of black republicans whom are considered outcasts in the African American community. Personally, I felt that the documentary did a fantastic job establishing the history behind black republicans and also depicting how black republicans face hardships within their own party. Overall, I think the film changed our perceptions of black republicans as a whole because the documentary allows us to view their political life from a different and more personal perspective. The in-depth discussion after the filming also proved that many students were curious about this particular group and this documentary helped fill in those blanks. More universities and colleges should show this film because it is highly beneficial for young people that are interested or trying to get involved with the American political system.
Posted By: Courtney Brockenborough
Chicago, IL
This film should be required viewing for political science and sociology classes alike. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to vote intelligently!
Posted By: Suzane Aschmies
Quintana Roo, Mexico
Brilliant and even handed documentary *****

As a Latino Republican, I can relate to the problem the GOP has reaching out to minority communities and the points made in this film are very valid and the GOP heads could learn alot with this film. (as originally posted on iTunes)
Posted By: higakun
Fear of A Black Republican is a unique investigation of a topic that sees very little mention by either party. Kevin's documentary is a basis for discussion that is much needed yet rarely had. The film espouses the true disconnect between party leaders and the average citizen. His time and dedication are evident in his work and I would challenge any politically-interested individual to see it.

Carl Barnes, President
San Diego State University College Republicans
Posted By: Carl Barnes
San Diego, CA
The USC College Republicans had the fortune of screening the eye-opening documentary "Fear of a Black Republican" in the heart of notoriously democratic Los Angeles in a largely minority district. The film is punctuated with insightful interviews with hopeful candidates, party officials, and regular citizens, providing various views on how the Republican Party ended up in the place it is today. This film is important. It provides a critically needed segue into the discussion that no one in the Republican Party seems to want to have openly: minority groups simply aren't being represented by the party, and minority districts are being left to Democrats. The Q&A discussion session following the film allowed for our club members and community members to have an open dialogue about what the party is doing wrong, and what the party needs to do to connect with minority groups. This is a film that everyone should see.

Madeline Lansky, President
University of Southern California College Republicans
Posted By: Madeline Lansky
Los Angeles CA
We really enjoyed the showing of "Fear" in Rochester. So nice to meet you. Hope you made it home safe and sound because the weather channel is showing nasty weather right where you were headed.
Posted By: Barbara
New York
I really enjoyed the film and the Q&A session really has me thinking. Thanks Kevin & Tamara for being daring enough to ask the questions and explore the answers.
Posted By: Jackie Johnson
For anyone interested in the workings of American politics, sociology, race, and the future, this is a must see documentary. It asks the very simple question of who we are, in the context of Republican Party politics, which grows to a much larger image of who we are as a society, and how we go about selecting our leaders. An extremely insightful expose, built upon an incredibly basic query, watch it
Posted By: Robert Lowe
A refreshing look at a verboten subject, "Fear of a Black Republican" exposes the ugly truth of a long and bitter feud within the African-American community. Kevin Williams has opened Pandora's Box...the only way forward is to continue the conversation. Well done!
Posted By: Andy Redmond
Morrisville, PA

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