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This is a great documentary that hits at a sensitive subject in politics! This documentary has motivated me to become active with the republican party and be the change I wish to see in the party and in the country.
Posted By: Patrick Jackson
I viewed the documentary just yesterday in Rochester with members of my community followed by a panel discussion. The film as well as the discussion gave me some pause about how the political system does takes us all for granted. I remember walking away saying do I have to change my party status? Will an Independant Status actually count my vote? In this place (America) we call a Democracy comes with many problems because you see we all have opinions about how we think the world should be and this political game is about who views are considered the most important. I loved the interjections from Cornel West and Tavis Smiley because they both had great insight about how black america view republicans which is why I was shocked to see Russell Simmons back Mr. Steele. this film is a powerful account of America's democracy woes and leaves much to ponder.
Posted By: Gloria Lawton
Rochester, New York
I enjoyed Fear of A Black Republican. If anything it showed the hypocrisy of the GOP. They claim to want diversity, but they never facilitate it. There were numerous examples thru out the documentary. The one that stood out with me, was the black woman who was running for Congress in Georgia. In my opinion, she was totally disrespected,you have to see the documentary to understand what I am writing about. I enjoyed the documentary and have referred it to my friends.
Posted By: Vincent Edgecombe
United States
This was a great documentary. It accurately showed how flawed the GOP is when it comes to diversity. A job well done Tamara and Kevin!
Posted By: Vincent Edgecombe
United States
Awesome documentary. Well worth the time and a real eye opener. No matter your party or race, you should go see this. Great job Kevin!

Saw this in Philadelphia last night. Great discussion afterwards as well!
Posted By: Brandon T
Moorestown, NJ
What a wonderful film! This should be watched by all that want to move the Black conservative agenda forward. We all need to do more to reach out to all people and not ignore urban areas because they "won't vote conservative anyway". Like my basketball coaches used to tell us, "You will miss 100% of the shots that you don't take". We need to keep taking the shots. I encourage all to seek out this film and see it if it is in your area. Thanks to Kevin Williams for making this groundbreaking movie!
Posted By: Donny Woodard
Charlotte NC
Just saw "Fear of a Black Republican." An equally damning indictment of both political parties' treatment of Urban Black America, this film by Tamara & Kevin Williams of Trenton, NJ portrays vividly how Democrats take the votes of Urban Black America for granted while the Republicans ignore the few grass-roots Urban Black Republicans they have, because supposedly "their votes are so insignificant in the great scheme of things." Hopefully this film will be a wake-up call to both parties to change their thinking. Both parties need to make big adjustments before the present political grid-lock can change. Bravo to Kevin & Tamara for opening our eyes to the truth of the present realities and the possibilities for the future where Urban Blacks,from both parties, are truly judged by the content of their character! Amen!
Posted By: Sharon Foust
Minneapolis, KS
We need to have more moderate republicans in the House and Senate. Finally a conversation about Black Republicans in America.
Posted By: Fullmovies
Southern California
I have to say, this was one of the better eye-opening films that I've seen in some time. Exploring the breakdown of our inner cities and the hardships that come along with being a black Republican are profound and intriguing. Keep up the great work Kevin!
Posted By: Nicholas Bailey
Washington, DC
This is a very good film. I learned a lot about the Republican party. some good. some bad. This is a must see film for those that have an open mind about politics.
Posted By: Charles Pointer
St.Louis, MO

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