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'Fear Of A Black Republican" does a superb job in this documentary about the GOP and the black community. I strongly urge all individuals, of every creed and race, to view this to understand the need for a stronger dialogue and relationship between the GOP and blacks. Very well done!
Posted By: Demetrius Minor
I am commenting on the concept of the film after watching its review and Director's statement. This is one question that has been very confusing for me - why do Blacks, Hispanics, Indians/ Asians and many immigrants tend to vote for the Democratic Party or its ideas; these ideas are so similar to the ones immigrants left behind - big interfering government, bureaucracy, stifling initiative, no accountability etc. In fact, I was thinking of talking to you about this for your next film venture. I'm sure it's a good film exploring issues that some understand and are confused and others who know but are quiet about it. Good job Kevin on tackling a very tricky issue.
Posted By: Joyce Singha
Skokie, IL

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