Rich Zeoli (Radio Host, CBS Radio)

"Just how did the party that emancipated the slaves lose the black vote? Which Republican turned his back on Dr. King leading to him to vote Democrat and take millions of black voters with him? The Democratic party's solid rule of cities since the 1960's despite staggering crime, failing schools, and economic despair begs the question, is one party rule responsible for the plight of American cities and just what does the party of Lincoln have to do to win back black voters? Fear of a Black Republican is a highly entertaining and compelling call to action that should be required viewing for not only all Republican party leaders and candidates, but every American who is frustrated by the two party political system"

fmr. Chairman, Republican National Committee Michael Steele

"Powerful. Insightful. An honest exposure of the GOP and its relationship with Black Republicans. Fear is just the beginning."

Councilman David Kenny (R-Hamilton Twp)

"Every elected Republican official should see this documentary. The conservative values of many African Americans make them a natural constituency for the Republican Party and this film will bring to light the obstacles established by Republicans which are hurting the Party in its efforts to attract such voters."

fmr. Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll (R-FL)

"The film “Fear of a Black Republican” was an honest depiction of the realities faced by Black Republicans on all fronts. The film was absolutely fantastic and should be viewed by all Republicans who believe that our Party has done enough for outreach and diversity.  The challenges for Black Republicans is getting in the door, getting support to move up the ladder and getting a seat at the table. Black Republicans take the bullet time and time again supporting the Party and its candidates, yet the same level of support is not readily given back to Black candidates. It makes it very difficult to encourage non-Republicans minorities to switch. The film “Fear of a Black Republican” does a great job presenting all of the right elements and laying out the information in an understandable and thought provoking manner.”

Steve Deace - Nationally Syndicated Radio Host

"For all the establishment bluster to the contrary, this film confirms what movement conservatives have long suspected.  The reality is that the Republican Party is going through the motions of reaching out to a black community that shares many of its core values.  Of course, these are core values the GOP is trying to run and hide from.  Which is why you’ve seen the Tea Party that embraces those values successfully add diversity to the Republican Party.  At the very least, I hope FEAR OF A BLACK REPUBLICAN starts a long overdue sincere conversation about essentially forfeiting an entire demographic of our fellow Americans to decades of being used by the Democrat Party.”



fmr. Gov. Christine Todd Whitman (R-NJ)

"In order to truly be a party that represents all Americans, the GOP must reach out to the minority population.  In his movie: Fear of a Black Republican, Kevin Williams has captured the conflicting emotions and sporadic efforts of past outreach efforts  and laid a path for future  success."

Niger Innis-National Spokesman for the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)

"I would urge everyone… Republican, Democrat, Black, White to see "Fear of a Black Republican." The critical movement within our country right now is the diversification of the Conservative Movement. And I think to the degree that people see this film, they will see it as a bridge to more and more Conservatives “coming out of the closet”, metaphorically-speaking… and realizing that there are “Conservatives” and “Limited-Government Conservatives” and Republicans throughout this country, regardless of race, color or gender."

fmr. Congressman Allen B. West (R-FL)

"I know only too well how lonely it can be as a black conservative.  If the Party is going to remain relevant it needs to wake up. 'Fear of a Black Republican' may just be that wake-up call"