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Professor Cecelia Robinson, William Jewell College, Liberty, MO

“The documentary, FEAR OF A BLACK REPUBLICAN, is an informative and thought provoking journey of the African American experience with the Republican Party from prior to the Civil War to the present day. For students and academics, who have limited knowledge of the history of blacks as Republican voters up until the 1950's, this film is a lesson in history that provides a forum for much discussion and debate. The film’s Director/Narrator, Kevin Williams, challenges viewers to explore the question as to whether there is a fear of black Republicans within both the Democratic and Republican Parties. Everyone needs to see this film.”






Professor Lisa Beth Hill, Chair, Department of History & Political Science, Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, AL

“At a crucial time in American politics, the question of the “Black Vote” resurfaces once again. Amongst the many Documentaries, television and radio specials hosted by political pundits and political “junkies”, this independent film examines why the two main political Parties aggressively seek out the “Black Vote” while neither party really promises any real change. “Fear of a Black Republican” takes a very unique look at how the Republican Party has tried to court the African American vote, but has not really embraced or endorsed its own African American candidates. Regardless of one’s political convictions, this is a serious look at what happens when the political stakes are particularly high – especially in the year of a Presidential election. Students get a close look at what campaigning is like through the eyes of candidates themselves and those who are grassroots workers. This film is a teaching tool that helps shape questions and allows teachers and students to craft answers with an eye toward responsible citizenship and governance.”


Professor Sunny Fridge, Jackson State University, Jackson, MS

"FEAR OF A BLACK REPUBLICAN is an excellent documentary film. It is well researched and offers viewers the opportunity to hear voices you don’t normally hear, black Republicans. It is an honest portrayal of black Republicans and their experiences, both presently as well as historically. It will foster a broader understanding of why there aren’t more black Republicans as well as the two-party system and its relationship with African Americans.

While this film would be great for in-classroom use, we hosted a public screening that included a Q&A with the filmmaker, Kevin Williams. The discussion after the film provided an avenue for interested audience members to ask questions and expand on the themes and subjects presented in the film. Kevin was also very generous in sharing his experiences behind the camera with our documentary students in attendance.

Overall, whether you are considering licensing this film for classroom use or scheduling a screening, it is entertaining, educational, well researched and thought provoking. Fear of a Black Republican gets my vote. I highly recommend it for University use, especially for Political Science, History, or Mass Communications classes."


Courtney Brockenborough, Black Student Union, DePaul University, Chicago, IL

DePaul University's Black Student Union (BSU) showed "Fear of a Black Republican" for our Beat the Ballot Week during the election process and it was great. I think the film was very relevant to the theme of our Beat the Ballot Week as it portrayed the life of black republicans whom are considered outcasts in the African American community. Personally, I felt that the documentary did a fantastic job establishing the history behind black republicans and also depicting how black republicans face hardships within their own party. Overall, I think the film changed our perceptions of black republicans as a whole because the documentary allows us to view their political life from a different and more personal perspective. The in-depth discussion after the filming also proved that many students were curious about this particular group and this documentary helped fill in those blanks. More universities and colleges should show this film because it is highly beneficial for young people that are interested or trying to get involved with the American political system.



“It was nice to see a lot members of the community come out and not just USC students," said Elizabeth Van-horne, a senior at USC and the executive director of USC College Republicans. "I thought it was a really good two-way dialogue with people not just asking questions but giving their own input into the movie. I thought the movie provided a really interesting perspective on not just the African-Americans in the Republican Party but minorities."

The film successfully sparked a conversation about race between audience members... Read more here



The books in the attached list helped inform, inspire or spur our research and understanding of the many historical events and political/social issues involved in the making and development of this film.